Why Riders Choose C&J for Seacoast to NYC Travel

Jun 07, 2018

Have you ever wondered why so many Seacoast residents use C&J to get to NYC? Every rider has a different reason, but we’ve found that service, safety, convenience, and comfort come up time and time again.

C&J has been making trips from the Seacoast to New York City for eight years, and through the entire time, we have been committed to providing executive class service to our New England riders. Here’s more about how we ensure an easy trip.

Customer-centric Service

At C&J, we know that our riders have several transportation options, and comfort and convenience can and should rule the day. That’s why we build our schedule and outfit our coaches with our passengers in mind.

When we saw last year that our trips from the Seacoast to NYC were in high demand during the summer months, we revised our schedule and added more options for our riders. We also have a terrific partnership with Marriott brand hotels so we can offer our riders exclusive discounts, making it even easier and more affordable for Seacoast travelers heading to Manhattan to stay and play in the city.

One of our frequent riders uses C&J buses to start her trips around the world and into the city. Celia Woodsmith, a Grammy-nominated performer and songwriter, takes our NYC bus for both leisure trips and gigs, and she recently sang the praises of the efficiency, cleanliness, and convenience of our service.

“The ability to get right from Portsmouth down to New York City in basically less time than it takes me to drive, and a lot less hassle, is so huge for me as a musician. I really cannot say enough about how important this bus line has been to me,” Woodsmith said.

Environmental Consciousness

We take pride in being one of the greenest modes of transportation in the New England region, and while it may not be the first thing you think of when you hop on a bus, we’ve found it’s something our riders care about deeply. From using fuel-efficient vehicles with advanced technology to implementing environmentally-friendly practices to participating in the larger green movement in transportation and society, we make sure to go above and beyond with our sustainability efforts. That way, you can feel good about your transportation choice every time you ride with us.

The C&J Experience

The C&J experience is built around convenience. We make it easy to buy your tickets, and we make it simple to show up at Portsmouth (and during peak times, Dover and Newburyport), hand your key to one of our valets and ride. When you step on one of our NYC coaches, you can sit in comfort, entertain yourself, rest, or work, and then step off of the bus at Port Authority Bus Terminal in downtown Manhattan. From there, you’re free to explore the city without the hassle of having to travel into the heart of the city from an airport or train station miles away.

How you pass your time with us is up to you, but we recommend that you take advantage of all that our NYC service has to offer: expansive entertainment options, free WiFi, a range of refreshments, reclining seats, and much more. And if you’re traveling from NYC to the Seacoast, you’ll find all the same advantages, plus a lot of great places to explore in our area.

Start planning your next trip and book a ticket today and see why so many riders here choose to take the C&J bus from the Seacoast to NYC.