Tips for Comfortable & Convenient Holiday Bus Travel

Dec 13, 2018

Traveling during the holidays can be stressful because of all the urgency to get where you’re going, and also because of the potential for poor weather. At C&J, we’ve been putting our riders’ safety and schedules first for 50 years, with technology additions such as text message alerts for C&J schedule updates and changes. That in mind, we thought the busy holiday season would be the perfect time to share some tips that travelers can take to ensure they get where they’re going safely and on time.

Dress in Layers

Transitioning from the cold weather outdoors to a warm bus and back out to the cold again is easiest when you’re wearing layers. Having a sweatshirt or pair of long socks can always come in handy. Even if the bus is the perfect temperature you can use the hoodie as a pillow.

Make sure Essentials are Accessible

If you are traveling with important electronics or medication, make sure that it goes with you in your non-checked baggage so your items remain with you at all times, especially if there might be delays in your travel. This is true for contact wearers as well, as you may find yourself needing to swap out your lenses for glasses, so pack a contact case and solution as well.

Also make sure that you have phone or laptop chargers handy, as each seat on all C&J buses comes with its own electric outlet for charging whenever you need to.

Add Some Bling to Your Bag

Many suitcases and duffel bags look similar, so it can be easy to pick up the wrong bag, especially when you’re in a hurry to get your holiday celebrations started. If your luggage doesn’t stand out on its own, we recommend adding a ribbon, bright colored tag or other accessory (we’ve even seen riders put their bags in colored plastic wrap!) to your bag to ensure that it’s eye catching amongst a crowd of fellow travelers.

Leave Early

This may mean taking an earlier bus or leaving the house a few minutes early, but leaving yourself a few extra minutes is always a good idea. During the holiday season we recommend arriving at your departure location at least 30 minutes in advance and allow extra travel time. You’ll be glad you did, especially if you’re driving to the terminal and need to park, as parking spots fill up quickly during peak holiday travel times. Insider tip: Take advantage of the valet parking in Portsmouth. For $7, it’s well worth the price to come home to your vehicle all brushed off of snow, ready to go for you!

Travel with Someone you Trust

C&J has been helping travelers get home for the holidays for 50 years. Our direct buses to and from New York City help travelers celebrate the holidays in the Big Apple and our hourly service to and from Boston’s Logan Airport and South Station helps students, professionals and families alike to reach their loved ones in faraway locations. We’re proud to have earned the trust of New England and New York travelers and look forward to serving you on a future trip!

From all of us at C&J, we wish you a safe and happy holiday season.