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C&J New York City Bus Adds New Seats & Entertainment Options

C&J New York City Bus Adds New Seats & Entertainment Options

Traveling to New York City via a C&J bus is as easy, affordable, and comfortable as travel in and out of the city can be. Now it’s getting even better.

We’re excited to announce two significant upgrades to our New York City service that will make your next ride with us more comfortable and enjoyable than ever before. Here’s the skinny on the changes you’ll get to enjoy on our service in 2018.

New Seats

Our newest NYC coach features luxury reclining seats and an upgraded refreshment gallery design. That means your next ride will be even more comfortable, and access to refreshments will be easier than ever before. If you’ve ever flown or taken the train to New York City, you know exactly what a difference the ability to recline can make during your trip.

You’ll know you’re on the right bus to experience these seats if your coach is silver, as the rest of our New York City fleet is gold.

On the new coach, you will continue to enjoy the benefits of our climate-controlled seats and legroom, as well as free water, coffee, soda and snacks for your trip. We’re just making the C&J experience a little more comfortable.

New Entertainment System

As of the New Year, all of our New York City buses will feature a new, customized entertainment system. The system allows our riders to use laptops, tablets, and smartphones to gain access to in-ride movies and TV shows. All you need to do is join the in-ride WiFi network with your device and bask in the warming glow of your favorite movies or shows for the entire ride. It’s easy and makes leisure travel even better, especially if you’re looking to keep children entertained.

If you’re interested in traveling to New York City in 2018 in comfort and style, come learn more about our service!