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Each day, C&J Bus Lines helps travelers get to where they need to be. Our passengers choose us for different reasons: a business meeting, an efficient commute, a visit home, an easy ride to the airport. Each of our riders shares a common travel experience of comfort and convenience, without the stress of parking cars or negotiating traffic.

With high standards set and maintained by the dedication of our team members, C&J offers daily bus service from NH’s Seacoast Area and Tewksbury, MA Our destinations include Boston’s Logan Airport and South Station, as well as New York City’s Port Authority. We utilize a modern fleet of motorcoaches to serve more than hundreds of thousands of travelers each year.


C&J’s Commitment to Riders & Community

“I sit back and think about everything we’ve done, the number of people we’ve carried, the number of folks who work for us today, and all the good fortune we’ve had, and we couldn’t have had it without all the people who ride our buses every day.” –Jim Jalbert

Our riders choose C&J because we offer a valuable experience that is dependable, friendly and efficient. Complimentary amenities include Wi-Fi, power outlets, and more. In addition to our state-of-the-art facilities and equipment, the C&J traveling experience is traced directly to our employees.

According to C&J President Jim Jalbert, “It’s more than clean coaches and passenger terminals. It’s our people and the way we take care of passengers that’s helped C&J grow to become one of New England’s premier transportation providers.”

When you’re riding with C&J, you don’t have to worry. Where can we take you today?


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