Motorcoaches: The Greenest Transportation Choice

Motorcoaches are the most energy-efficient mode of transportation; twice as fuel-efficient as Amtrak and other train services, three times as efficient as automobiles, and four times as efficient as commercial aviation. To learn more about C&J’s sustainable efforts and our promise to go—and stay—green, download our infographic or reach out to us with your questions.


  • All C&J vehicles are purchased with state-of-the-art emissions-lowering technology to reduce polluting particulate emissions by 90%.
  • C&J motorcoach use the latest engine technology that are the only industry-wide to meet the EPA’s near-zero NOx emissions requirements.
  • All C&J buses use a GPS technology to assist with:
    • Monitor, control, and eliminate unnecessary idling.
    • Get realtime coach performance, diagnostics, vehicle tracking, and analytics.
    • Monitor speed and braking patterns, thereby increasing savings in tire wear and in fuel economy.
  • We offer mobile ticketing and electronically scan passengers ticket to reduce paper usage.
  • We recycle all cardboard, paper and plastics products that are left on our buses.
  • We reuse waste oil to reduce the consumption and amount of oil usage.
  • Our facilities are run on energy-efficient LEDs.
  • We run Michelin high-efficiency tires on our vehicles to maximize fuel economy.
  • C&J is a member stakeholder of the Granite State Clean Cities Coalition (
  • All C&J operators are trained in sustainable transportation best practices, earning us the eRating Certification. (

Efficiency Facts

  • One C&J motorcoach can replace up to 49 automobiles on the highway — saving fuel, cutting emissions, and reducing congestion.
  • C&J Double Decker coaches can replace up to 81 automobiles on the highway — saving even more.
  • C&J buses currently provide 184 passenger miles per gallon (MPG)… more than double the second most fuel-efficient transportation alternative.
  • C&J motorcoaches emit the least amount of carbon dioxide (CO2) per passenger than any other transportation vehicle. A full C&J bus cuts emissions by roughly 90% compared to the private automobiles of those passengers (collectively).

Help save the penguins; take a motorcoach.