Workout While You Ride: Week 1 – Arms

Jan 01, 2017

Ready to give your co-workers and fellow commuters some arm envy? Of course you are. For week one, it’s all about those arms! Just because you’re seated while on our bus doesn’t mean you can’t workout your arms. Here a few quick exercises to try while on your ride or even when you hit the office!


Week One: ARMS

Arm Stretches

Benefits: You can make a simple stretch go a long way by increasing your flexibility, improving your circulation all while promoting better posture!

How to: Start with your right arm and stretch as far left with your right arm. Hold this pose for a few seconds. Do 5-8 reps then give your left arm some attention! Watch out for those around you!

Bottle Curl

Benefits: Get your biceps working!

How to: Add more ammo to your daily lifting by holding a complimentary bottle of water bend your elbow and curl the water bottle. Stay hydrated but wait until you’re done with your reps to drink the water or all that weight will be gone from the bottle.

Chair Dips

Benefits: Tone shoulders and pumps triceps

How to: In a comfortable position, sit on the edge of the seat with your arms by your sides and the palms of your hands at the edge and your fingers slightly over the edge. Hold your body for up to 5-8 counts. Then start over! If other riders look at you like you’re strange, just tell them you’re not afraid to get fit while you ride.

Arm Circles

Benefits: Get those shoulders worked while improving your posture

How to: If you are in a single seat, raise your arms out to your sides as if you formed a T. While pressing your shoulder blades together do 10 forward circles with your arms. Flip your palms and go backwards same count! Work up to a few repetitions and your shoulders will never look so tall! Have a workout buddy across the aisle? Hold hands while you make your circles and everyone on the bus will admire your commitment to both friendship and exercise.

Stay tuned, next week we focus on Legs!

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While C&J encourages exercise and healthy lifestyles, this post is meant to be humorous. Any exercises you do should be done under the supervision of a doctor and/or professional trainer.