C&J Commuter Reservation Information

Jun 21, 2022

We announced earlier that starting June 28th, C&J will operate reservation service on all our coaches. Meaning the date and time on your ticket guaranteed your seat on that coach. So, what does this change mean for our frequent riders? We’re going to explain how C&J’s ticketing enhancements and system will, and wont, affect your commute. 

What’s Staying the Same

  • South Station commuters will still purchase their commuter passes online and Logan Airport commuters will still purchase their tickets in-person at C&J’s ticket counter. 
  • Most of the terms on your tickets, including price and effective dates.  

What’s Improving

  • Fast access to your pass, all reserved rides, in a designated commuter section in your personal C&J account.
  • Free online changes to your tickets prior to departure time.
  • Save your tickets right to your Apple or Google Wallet for easy ticket access.

How it Works

  • Individual passes will be accessible in the ‘My Reservations’ area of your C&J account.
  • Reserve rides one by one or in bulk, in the commuter section of your account.

What Happens on June 28th? 

If you currently have a valid 10-pack or Logan Airline employee ticket, then you can continue to use your current ticket to ride standby on any bus you like while valid, just as you do now. Don’t worry, in the beginning as we transition into reservations, we will still have extra buses available during peak times just in case we need it. Our goal is to make this transition easy for all. Then when you’re ready to purchase your next pass or ticket you will have reserved seating.  

We’re really excited for all the changes coming on June 28th. Our new ticketing enhancements and guaranteed seating gives riders a truly seamless travel experience. As always, feel free to contact usor visit our FAQs pageif you have specific questions or concerns regarding ticket policies changes, step-by-step instructions for booking or modifying your reservation, and more.

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