Why New England Rides C&J to NYC

Jan 25, 2018

Looking to travel from New England to New York City? If you ride our first class bus service, this trip is a layup. An enjoyable layup, too.

The C&J to NYC bus is the preferred option for travel to the city for commuters and leisure travelers alike across New England. Check out these five reasons why New England rides C&J to NYC.


The average price of flights from Boston to New York can reach hundreds of dollars at times. With the added expense of traveling to and from each airport and paying for airport parking, that weekend trip to New York that you were so excited to plan suddenly transforms into an unnecessarily expensive expedition. Compared to a flight, riding with C&J is a much more affordable option that doesn’t compromise comfort or reliability. Check out our tickets and book a trip.

Minimum Hassle

Riding with C&J eliminates many of the annoying aspects of other transportation methods. There’s no need to call a taxi service, navigate the complicated train station, or deal with neverending airport security lines.

Stressed about parking? Don’t worry, we offer parking for free. Valet parking is available at select facilities for $7. We also partner with businesses like Enterprise Rent-A-Car to help with travel plans.

Worried about luggage? We do not charge for your bags! In addition to your checked luggage, you’re also allowed small carry-on bag such as a handbag or briefcase which can be stored in the overhead compartment or under your seat.

Work En Route

If you choose to ride with C&J for a business trip to NYC, we’ve got your back. Our buses offer plenty of room for passengers to set up a portable workstation. We also provide a reliable Wi-Fi connection and easy access to power outlets at every seat so that you can maximize your workday on the road.

Entertainment and Comfort

If you’re riding with C&J to NYC for leisure, enjoy access to our onboard customized entertainment system and stream a movie or TV show straight from your own device.

Craving a snack? We offer refreshments on our service to NYC. Gluten-free options are available. If you find that you drank too many of our complimentary waters, coffees, teas, or juices, just take a few steps toward the rear of the bus to use the restroom.

We strive to provide our passengers with the utmost comfort on their trip to NYC. Our reclining seats with extra legroom are much more luxurious than other options and our cabins are climate controlled.


You can always rely on C&J to get you to NYC on time. Our buses run on schedule, take time-saving routes whenever possible, and get you where you need to go when you need to get there. We are committed to running reliable transportation for commuters, leisure travelers, and families alike headed to the Big Apple.

For all of these reasons, New Englanders trust C&J bus services for a comfortable, stress-free ride to New York City. Experience first-class travel at an affordable price without the hassle of an airport or train station. We look forward to seeing you!

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