Visit Home From College With C&J’s Boston South Station Service

Aug 14, 2019

Fall is nearly here, which means one thing for many students: it’s time to pack up for the year and head back to college. For nearly 150,000 students, that means moving back to Boston for the school year. Boston has very limited parking so it’s almost impossible for college students to bring their cars with them for the academic year. Fortunately, it’s easy to hop on a C&J bus out of Boston’s South Station and visit home for the weekend!

Our clean, safe, and reliable buses from South Station make trips to Newburyport, Portsmouth, and Dover every two hours, every day. If you’re a college student in Boston, C&J makes visiting home (or friends) totally stress-free; tickets are priced affordably, every bus is fully equipped with Wi-Fi, and the ride is always quiet and peaceful. When you’re in need of a home-cooked meal or a familiar face, buy your bus tickets here to travel home!

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Flexible Travel

C&J’s buses to and from South Station are on a first-come, first-served basis. This is perfect for busy college students with constantly changing schedules. If you miss a bus because of delays on the T or a study group that went late, don’t sweat it, just grab the next one. When you buy tickets online or at our terminal in South Station, they’re valid for up to six months!

Affordable Bus Tickets

College is expensive—tuition, housing, books, computer, and everything else adds up quickly. However, cost shouldn’t prevent you from visiting home for a weekend. Save your money for fun activities around Boston with friends and ride with C&J! One-way tickets from South Station to Newburyport are only $11.99, and just $12.99 to Portsmouth and Dover. Along with these affordable tickets, you’ll also enjoy complimentary bottled water available on each of our buses.

Strong Wi-Fi Signal on Every Bus

If you’ve got a big test coming up or a group project you want to work on, bring your laptop along for the ride and get some of your studying done! Or maybe you want to decompress from a busy week and listen to music on your headphones and scroll through social media. Either way, each of C&J’s buses are equipped with free Wi-Fi for our riders’ convenience.

Plentiful Power Outlets

Along with Wi-Fi, our buses all have power outlets at every seat. You can charge up your phone or plug in your laptop while you work to make sure your computer doesn’t die in the middle of writing an important paper! C&J makes it simple to get work done before you arrive home so you can enjoy every minute with your family.

Quiet Cabin for Sleeping

Sometimes, it’s best to just sit back, relax, and take a nap! All of C&J’s buses have comfortable reclining seats, armrests, and plenty of legroom for stretching out. If you’re in need of a break from studying, take advantage of our quiet cabins while you travel from South Station towards home.

When the weekend is over and you need to go back to college, ride with C&J from Dover, Portsmouth, or Newburyport back to South Station! Before you know it, you’ll be back on campus with all your friends. Start planning your visit home from college with C&J: check out our schedules and buy your tickets online!

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