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Travel Changes Coming to Boston’s Logan Airport in 2018

Travel Changes at Boston’s Logan Airport in 2018

There are lots of travel changes coming soon to Logan Airport, from security updates to new bag regulations. We want to make sure you know what could be in store for your next trip!

Updated Security Procedures: Electronics

Airports are rolling out stronger screenings for larger electronic items: laptops, e-readers, tablets and more. Basically, anything bigger than your cell phone must be now removed from your bag and placed in a separate bin for inspection during luggage screenings (this does not apply to passengers who have government approved TSA PreCheck clearance).

If you have traveled over the past year, you may have noticed this already happening at Logan Airport, as Boston has been selected as a testing site, and this procedure will be expanded to airports nationwide by spring 2018.

ID Changes

We’ve all heard about the REAL ID changes that are happening across the US. New Hampshire, Maine, and Massachusetts have all been granted extensions for REAL ID enforcement, allowing Federal agencies to accept driver’s licenses and identification cards from all of these states at Federal facilities, nuclear power plants and federally regulated commercial aircraft until October 10, 2018. After the extension date travelers who do not have an ID that meets the REAL ID requirements will need an additional form of identification to travel.

Smart Bags

When packing for your trip be careful about using a smart bag – a bag that allows travelers to charge devices, GPS tracking, or electronic locks. Major airlines, including American, Delta, and United (among other airlines), will no longer accept smart bags with lithium-ion batteries unless the batteries can be removed on-site.

These bags are being prohibited as a safety precaution, these types of batteries have the possibility to overheat and start a fire during flight. So, if you’re planning to travel with a smart bag, be sure you know how to remove the battery before leaving home.

New Flight coming to Boston’s Logan Airport

There are a number of new flights coming to Boston’s Airport. Whether you’re looking to travel across the country, or across the pond, we think there are some great new travel options so close to home!

Chile-based LATAM Airlines is offering nonstop from Logan Airport to Brazil starting this summer.

Primera Air is offering three new direct flights to Paris, London and Birmingham flying to and from Boston Logan Airport starting in May 2018.

JetBlue adds service between Boston and Minneapolis beginning in May 2018.

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