Guaranteed Seating Begins June 28, 2022 

May 11, 2022

We are excited to announce that C&J will offer a reservation experience beginning June 28, 2022. All trips will offer customers guaranteed seating on the travel date and time selected.*

“For the past 11 years, C&J has offered reservations as part of our service to NYC and we are thrilled to expand reservations to our Boston Logan Airport and South Station services” says Jim Jalbert, President of C&J Bus Lines. “C&J began as a reservation system when my father started the company in 1968. Giving our riders the peace of mind of a guaranteed seat is what we know is best moving forward.”   

In addition to guaranteed seating, C&J’s website enhancements will give riders the control they need to fully manage their reservation experience. Enhancements include:  

  • A guaranteed seat! No more worrying about space on the bus 
  • Easy, free rescheduling options
  • Enhanced C&J account features
    • Save credit cards to your account
    • Save your favorite trips with C&J for an even faster checkout
    • Change reservations or modify your trip  
    • Ability to store and use C&J credits towards future purchases
  • Quick, easy purchases
  • Save your ticket to Apple Wallet or Google Wallet – for easy access when boarding your bus

What’s Changing  

Starting June 28th, C&J will guarantee riders a seat! That means the time and date on your ticket is your travel reservation. We highly recommend booking your trip in advance online to secure your preferred travel time. Walk-up ticket purchases are not guaranteed.  

Don’t worry. If travel plans change or a mistake was made during booking, you can log into your C&J account or call us and change the reservation.    

“We are keeping the flexibility that our riders have come to love about C&J, and just taking away the headache of worrying about space on the bus” says Jalbert. “Our new ticketing enhancements give riders the ability to easily purchase tickets online, manage their own reservations, and the capability to store their tickets in their digital wallets, making for a truly seamless travel experience.”  

More to Come  

We will be releasing more information regarding reservations, managing accounts, etc. in the coming weeks. In the meantime, we recommend signing up for your C&J account today!   

Learn more about the benefits to having a C&J Account.

Learn more about the enhancements to our ticketing system.

Guaranteed Seating is here!

*Advance ticket purchase required for guaranteed seating. Walk-up tickets and fares do not guarantee a seat. We always recommend purchasing tickets online in advance of your trip.

Update 6/16/22 – We’re delaying the guaranteed seating change to create a better user experience for our customers. For now, everything stays the same. Starting June 28th, you’ll need to book your seat in advance.