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NYC Travel Guide

The 2018 NYC Family Travel Guide: 10 Attractions & Eateries

During this endlessly cold and snowy 2018 winter, you may find yourself daydreaming about vacations in Aruba, the Bahamas, or Florida. If so, C&J has your travel needs covered to Boston’s Logan Airport. If you are looking for more of a stay-cation, we have another destination closer to home to recommend.

Why not New York City? The Big Apple is the ideal place for a family vacation in virtually any weather. There’s culture your kids will actually enjoy, plus easy-to-wander streets filled with restaurants and attractions once your C&J NYC bus has arrived at the New York Port Authority Bus Terminal.

Here are a few of our favorite places to experience and dine at in New York City with family.


Madame Tussauds Wax Museum NYC

We know, you’ve heard this popular museum mentioned a million times in travel guides to the city, but you’d be missing out if you passed it by. From movie stars to a giant wax Incredible Hulk, there are a million eerily lifelike wax statues here that make for ideal, memorable photo opportunities for you and your family.

Central Park & Central Park Zoo

It’s hard to beat New York City’s most iconic park for the sheer number of activities it affords. For families who love to explore, the chance to travel the park on foot or by bike, or even the opportunity to row around Central Park Lake. There are food vendors galore, and typically musicians and buskers working to entertain you as you pass by.

The Central Park Zoo, meanwhile, offers a look at exotic animals from the Amazon, Antarctica, and more, and is a must-visit at least once in your NYC travels.

Children’s Museum of Manhattan

For younger children, especially, this museum and its many hands-on exhibits spanning five floors are ideal. Rugrats can get their energy out in a large, kid-friendly play area, join up with dance classes and cultural explorations geared at toddlers and older, and explore interactive learning opportunities like “driving” an NYC bus and crawling around in a model of the human digestive system.

Chelsea Piers Sports & Entertainment Complex

Active families will appreciate the sheer number of options available at this riverside complex, featuring batting cages, a driving range, ice skating, bowling, rock climbing, and for the truly ambitious, drop-in hockey games.

Modern Pinball NYC

Competitive families can take a trip to this clean, open throwback arcade, where there are dozens of vintage and modern pinball machines, allowing parents and kids to rack up high scores side-by-side. As an added bonus, the venue is surrounded by restaurants after you’ve burned calories being pinball wizards.


Gotham West Market

Located just a short distance from the New York Port Authority Bus Terminal, this Hell’s Kitchen staple features a huge open seating area with nine eateries ranging from Mexican to Chinese cuisine to ice cream. It’s the perfect place to explore some of NYC’s great casual restaurants. The range of options is also perfect for your family’s picky eaters, too.

Ellen’s Stardust Diner

Another true throwback, Ellen’s offers American classics from Reubens to apple pie in a boisterous, multi-floor space featuring a Theatre District-appropriate singing waitstaff. It’s a perfect spot for kids who need entertainment plus calories at lunchtime. Pro tip: Try the milkshakes.

Tavern on the Green

If you’re exploring Central Park in earnest during your visit and don’t want to leave in search of food, we recommend Tavern on the Green. Located in the heart of the park, the Tavern offers fresh dishes like salmon and soups in a relaxed setting. In the summertime, the outdoor deck is a beer garden, which is an added bonus for the adults.


If you’re looking for a good cheeseburger, a casual spot to eat one in, and maybe a little environmental consciousness, Bareburger is your spot. Besides the green focus, the food is delicious and varied for a burger joint. Patty options include bison, elk, and even duck for families who like to try something new. Because it’s an NYC chain, you’ll find it in a handful of spots around the city, too.

Patzeria Family & Friends

Affordable, excellent Italian pizza and sides are the name of the game here, meaning you can feed the family on a budget in a comfortable downtown setting. The lasagna pizza, in particular, is highly recommended.

If you’re comfortable spending time elsewhere or snug in your hotel, Patzeria also delivers for free.

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