Ride with C&J Out of the Port Authority Bus Terminal

Nov 19, 2019

Since 2011, C&J Bus Lines has offered quick, affordable, and hassle-free rides to New York City. We’ve always prided ourselves in being the most convenient and enjoyable way to travel to and from the city—our luxury coaches are fully-equipped with free Wi-Fi, power outlets, spacious reclining seats, and plenty of snacks and refreshments for your enjoyment. Our riders get to kick back and relax while we take care of all the driving. All it takes is a few clicks to buy your tickets online and then you’ll be on your way!

If you’ve never traveled with us before, you likely have a few questions. We have answers! These are a few of the most common questions we get asked from riders who want to travel with us out of New York City. Here’s everything you should expect when you ride with C&J from NYC to Portsmouth, Seabrook, or Tewksbury.

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Where to Catch Our Buses

We’re often asked, “Where can I catch C&J’s bus in New York City?” Our Manhattan bus terminal is located at Port Authority, which is conveniently located one block from Times Square! Port Authority Bus Terminal is at 625 8th Avenue and it’s easily accessed via public transportation.

When you ride with us out of New York City, simply buy your tickets online ahead of time to reserve your seat and plan to arrive a few minutes early! Our mobile ticketing makes the boarding process seamless—all you have to do is let our driver scan the ticket right from your phone! There’s no more worrying about printing tickets.

Be sure you check out our schedules ahead of time to ensure you can travel at a time that works for you.

What You Should Bring

Our riders are encouraged to bring anything they need to make their ride more comfortable. Feel free to pack headphones so you can listen to music or bring a movie to watch, or bring a book to dive into to make the journey pass more quickly. We also offer complimentary refreshments and snacks in our galley, but you’re more than welcome to bring your own snacks! Traveling can work up an appetite, but we ask that you wait to enjoy any larger meals until after your trip.

How Many Bags You Can Bring

If you’re traveling light, we have lots of overhead compartment storage for any small carry-ons you may have. Our coaches also have storage underneath for larger bags and suitcases! Your first two bags are always free, and any additional bags are only $10.00 each. We recommend that you do not stow any breakable or fragile items underneath the coach, as the bags may shift and get jostled.

What to Expect From Riding C&J

In order to make your travel experience as comfortable and stress-free as possible, we offer various generous amenities for all New York City riders. A few things you can always expect are:

  • Free Wi-Fi for getting a few extra hours of work done (or catching up on your favorite show).
  • Power outlets for keeping your phone, laptop, and other electronics fully-powered.
  • Lots of legroom for stretching out and relaxing during your ride.
  • Reclining seats for napping in ultimate comfort.
  • Complimentary refreshments for staying hydrated during the ride.
  • Assorted snacks for preventing hunger pains while you travel.
  • Clean bathrooms for your convenience and comfort.

And, of course, our drivers are always friendly, punctual, and held to the highest safety standards. You can rest assured that you’ll arrive safely and on-time at your destination! C&J continues to work hard to provide the best travel experience for riders like you. Find out for yourself and ride with us out of Port Authority in New York City!

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