What’s Next For C&J: Mobile Bus Ticketing and Stronger Wi-Fi

Oct 11, 2018

At C&J Bus Lines, we pride ourselves on ensuring that each trip is comfortable and convenient. We understand that if we’re not constantly improving our level of service for our riders, we’re not serving our riders at the highest possible level.

That’s why we’re always innovating with riders like you in mind, even after 50 years in business. Earlier this year, we were proud to announce new entertainment options and more comfortable seats aboard our New York City buses. Today, we would like to talk about a couple of current and upcoming technology initiatives that we know our riders will love.

Mobile Bus Ticketing

This is an innovation that’s been years in the making, and one we’re extremely excited to unveil in the near future, mobile ticketing. For the first time, riders will be able to purchase mobile tickets and have them scanned right from their phone as they board the bus. This ticketing system will removing the need to print paper passes, that means you’ll never need to worry about forgetting your ticket again.

We’re currently piloting mobile ticketing on our NYC buses, so be sure to test out the convenience of the new ticketing service if you’re riding with us to or from Manhattan. A rollout date for all of our routes is planned for later this year—stay tuned for the announcement!

The system for purchasing tickets via our website will remain the same once we’ve switched over, but getting on the bus will be even easier than it was before with the option to use your ticket either electronically or with a printed copy. We look forward to making your trips to Logan Airport or Ogunquit as effortless as possible.

Stronger Wi-Fi

We know that many of our riders pass the time by making use of the Wi-Fi aboard our buses for work and entertainment. We also know that the faster the Wi-Fi, the better the experience, which is why we’ve upgraded our wireless systems aboard all 32 of our buses. Now you’ll be able to work or surf without interruptions while waiting to arrive at your destination.

As always, the Wi-Fi remains free to all our riders, so we hope you’ll take advantage of it on your next trip.

We’ll be announcing more innovations and more changes in the months ahead, but we hope you’re as excited as we are for these technological upgrades to our coaches.

If you’re looking to experience the C&J bus for yourself, buy tickets today!