C&J Dover Bus Terminal to Serve as Covid-19 Vaccination Site

Jan 21, 2021

C&J’s Dover Bus Terminal, located at 23 Indian Brook Drive, will now serve as a COVID-19 vaccination site.

C&J was closed this past year for five months due to COVID-19. We have since reopened, consolidated our operations, and implemented extra safety-related travel precautions for our staff and passengers.

We are currently running seventeen daily roundtrips to South Station and Logan Airport from our Portsmouth and Seabrook locations. C&J’s Dover Bus Terminal remains closed to passengers but will now serve as a point of vaccine dispensation for the State of New Hampshire.

“Our industry was heavily impacted by COVID-19 and since we are not using the space currently, we thought our Dover Terminal would be a good central location for a vaccination center” says Jim Jalbert, President of C&J Bus Lines. “We have been working closely with the State of New Hampshire since the onset of the pandemic and we want to be part of the solution, and this just seemed like a natural fit.”

The Dover vaccination site is now up and running. Only those eligible to receive the vaccine as part of the state’s vaccination plan will be allowed to make appointments. For more information, visit nh.gov/covid19 or call the state’s COVID-19 number, 2-1-1.