C&J Commuter Passes NOW Available Online

Nov 21, 2019

We are happy to announce that C&J commuter 10-pack tickets to South Station passes are now available to purchase online!

Our frequent riders are now able to purchase their passes online and have their tickets scanned right from their phones as they board the bus. You are no longer required to have paper passes – simply tap your mobile commuter ticket on your phone and present it to the driver to be scanned. It’s that easy!

Getting travelers to their destination safely, comfortably, conveniently, and without stress are our priorities. With C&J’s new commuter mobile tickets, buying your tickets and boarding our coaches is even quicker and easier, getting you to your destination that much faster.

Don’t worry, you can still purchase your tickets at the front counter as you always have, but you now have the option to buy online as well.

Learn more about purchasing your commuter passes below!

What will Change:

Moving forward, all frequent riders will need a customer account in order to purchase a pass whether it’s online or at the C&J ticket counter. Your account will allow you to access your reloadable online commuter card, view previous orders, keep track of your receipts and more! Sign up for your C&J account today! We encourage riders to set up their new accounts now to help save time when buying their December passes, especially if you plan to buy in the terminal.

All C&J commuter tickets will now have one scannable QR code that will be reloadable each time you buy more passes, similarly to how a Charlie Card works. You have the ability to print out this card or display it on your phone for scanning. To view how many trips you have remaining, you can view directly on your Active Commuter pass or can login to your account and select ‘View Commuter Card’.

How to Set Up a C&J Account:

In order to make your first commuter pass purchase online, you must register for a C&J account. To register for an account, go to www.ridecj.com and select ‘login’ at the top of the screen, then ‘Create an Account’. Fill out the information on the page then hit ‘Create Account’ button to finish.

How to Buy Your Commuter Ticket Online:

  • Login to your C&J Account and select buy tickets.
  • Enter your travel destinations and select ‘commuter pass’ as the ticket type.
  • The next screen will take you to the calendar. Choose the effective date for you would like the pass to start on.
    • South Station 10-Pack tickets are valid from the date you select the pass to begin on.
  • Choose the ticket you wish to purchase.
  • Enter the customer name for the pass and continue to the payment screen.
  • Once payment information has been entered you will be brought to a screen where you can view your pass or email the ticket to yourself. We recommend emailing your mobile card to yourself.
  • When you are ready to board the bus simply tap the link in your email to display your active ticket and our driver will scan your ticket right from your mobile device.
  • Your pass will automatically update with the remaining tickets available each time you use it.

Quick Tip: Take a screenshot of your ticket on your phone and save it to your favorites for easy access.

Inside Your C&J Customer Account:

  • You can always access/view your tickets by logging into your C&J account.
  • In your account you can print your Commuter Account Card, email a mobile card, purchase new commuter passes, view recent passes and deactivate your card.
  • Deactivate your commuter card if the card is compromised or lost. Deactivating cancels the original card, regenerates a new card number, and assigns it to your account.
  • By viewing your commuter card, you are able to see how many uses are remaining for the current active commuter pass.

Any questions or comments regarding the new online commuter tickets? Contact us today! Buy your commuter passes online!


Logan Airline commuter products will not be sold online. 

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