Your First C&J Bus Ride – Everything You Need to Know

Feb 25, 2020

For so many people, traveling is a stressful experience—the paperwork, tickets, the struggle of keeping times and dates straight, and not to mention the drive to the airport (why are the signs so confusing? Why is there always traffic when you’re running late?). It’s no wonder why our first-time riders are absolutely blown away when they realize how easy traveling with C&J is! We pride ourselves on providing the best travel experience at an affordable price.

So, you’ve booked your tickets, packed your bags, and even picked out a book or two for the trip—what’s next? Here’s everything you should know before your first bus ride with C&J Bus Lines, so you can travel with confidence.

Your Bus Ride Experience – Amenities, Reliability and Safety

There are a few things that our riders come to expect when they ride with us: friendly drivers, comfortable seats with plenty of legroom, power outlets, free Wi-Fi, and on-time departures and arrivals. Riders like Helen continue to travel with C&J because they know they can count on us for our reliable, consistent experience.



We understand how important it is to our passengers to get to their destination safely and on time, so we take care to uphold the highest safety standards for our entire team.

Mobile Ticketing – No Need to Print!

We offer mobile ticketing at no additional cost to all of our riders. We’ll send you a confirmation email after you purchase tickets and you can easily view your tickets from the Quick Links section at the bottom and save them right to your mobile wallet. When you go to board our bus, let your driver scan the ticket (or tickets) right from your phone. Here’s how it works:

  • Click the link included in your confirmation email to access your tickets.
  • Under the Quick Links section, you’ll see buttons to View Mobile Departure Pass and View Mobile Return Pass (if you purchased round trip tickets).
  • On your mobile device you can save your tickets to your Apple or Google wallet for easy boarding.
  • If you don’t use mobile wallet, tap the View Mobile Departure Pass button when you are ready to board and our driver will scan the ticket.
  • If you are traveling with multiple passengers, simply swipe to access the next traveler’s ticket to scan.

Helpful Tip: Create a free C&J account to help manage all your ticket information and give you easy access to rescheduling.

Bus Tracking – Find Your Bus in Real-Time

Looking for more perks? You’re in luck! C&J also has real-time bus tracking technology, so you can always stay in the loop about where your bus is. Feel free to check it out while you wait for your bus at any one of our terminals or pickup locations. You can learn more on our blog about how to track your bus!

Parking Options – Don’t Pay for Overpriced Parking!

When you ride with us out of Portsmouth or Seabrook, there are plenty of parking options available. C&J offers free parking at our facility in Portsmouth on a first-come basis for up to 21 days. Parking at our Seabrook Terminal is $3/day

See our full parking details and policies here!

Baggage – We’ve Got Plenty of Room

On your way to Logan Airport? We have ample storage space underneath each of our buses. The first two bags are always free and any additional bags are $10 each. Don’t worry about bulky sports equipment or strollers, either—we can stow those underneath as well! Please try to keep your bags under 50lbs, but in the instance where your bag weighs more, you will be responsible for storing and retrieving it from under the bus. You can find additional details about baggage requirements and traveling to Logan Airport here.

Whether you’re preparing for your first bus ride with us, or you’re a seasoned professional, you can always count on C&J to provide you with the most comfortable and relaxing travel experience possible. Ready to get rolling? Book your tickets below (if you haven’t already)!

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Updated 6/28/22