Workout While You Ride: Week 3 – Chest and Core

Jan 16, 2017

Now that you’ve had a chance to work out your arms and legs, and people have no doubt told you how amazingly toned you look, let’s focus inward. Our week three series focus is chest and core, your beach muscles!



Week Three: Chest & Core


Benefits: Strengthen your core and feel great when you realize your core is no longer the tiny core you once hid from the world.

How to: Move to the edge of your seat and lean on the backrest. Next, lift your straightened legs just an inch or two from the ground and hold the position for a few seconds. If you feel the burn in your ab muscles you know you are doing it right! If you feel the burn in your eyeballs, you’re sweating too much. Take a rest, champ.

Waist Rotation

Benefits: Strengthen your core even more, and get ready to swing it on the dance floor.

How to: While staying seated you can strengthen your core by rotating your waist. Rotate left as far as you comfortably can. Hang tight in the position for a few seconds then head on over to the opposite side. Need extra support? You’re not alone friend. Hold onto the backrest of the seat and know that we’re there for you emotionally and transportationally.

Knee Tucks

Benefits: Work the core muscles. We know. We keep talking about the core. The word has lost all meaning now. Core, core, core. Sounds weird doesn’t it?

How to: While on the front of your seat, sit tall keeping your chest high. Hang on to the sides of the seat and lean back ever-so slightly as you tighten those abs. Next bring your knee to chest height. Lower it as you raise your opposite knee. Mouth the lyrics to your favorite upbeat song to keep moving (don’t sing out loud on the bus please).

Chest Squeeze

Benefits: Your back, chest, and arms will get a great workout. You will thank us. Good things will start to happen for you. Maybe you’ll win the lottery, and then think of how great you’ll look and feel lifting that giant check in the air. Then you’ll thank us again.

How to: While remaining seated, raise both arms up forming a goalpost (score!). Keeping your upper arms (shoulders to elbows) parallel to the floor, bring your forearms together in front of your face. While pressing your forearms together, left arms up about an inch, squeezing through chest. Repeat as long as you don’t annoy your neighbor! Hey maybe a competition is in order? Gambling is prohibited, but maybe the loser has to carry the winner’s bags after getting off the bus?

Luggage Clean & Press

Benefits: Strengthen your chest and arms all at once! (Hey look, we didn’t mention your core!)

How to: Place a piece of luggage securely in each hand. Move the luggage from the floor to a racked position across the chest. Then press the luggage into the overhead compartments. You already know to be careful because bags may shift in transit, but now you’ll know how to shift them in the name of getting buff. Isn’t the bus so much chiller than an airplane when it comes to warnings?

Stay tuned, week 4 focuses on those glutes!

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While C&J encourages exercise and healthy lifestyles, this post is meant to be humorous. Any exercises you do should be done under the supervision of a doctor and/or professional trainer.