The Origin of the Birdman

May 05, 2016

Have you seen our latest commercial for our service to Boston featuring Birdman?! If not, you’re in for a real treat: watch the video here!

We really wanted to bring Birdman to life, check out the story and the fun illustrations behind how birdman came to be….

The Origin of the Birdman

What an awful, awful name. That was the thought that passed through Gerry’s mind as he pulled into the service station. It was a mom-and-pop place, a small garage with an office and two gas pumps out front. The kind of place he’d never have bothered with normally, and certainly didn’t remember seeing on any of his previous commutes. It seemed like a fairly run-of- the-mill place with one exception. Out front was a large neon sign that appeared to be a magic wand tilted at an angle with a sparkle at the end of it, as if it were conjuring the words below. The words read: “Gas Wizard.” Gerry shook his head as he hopped out and began to gas up his small car.

“You’re engine isn’t sounding too good.”  The voice startled Gerry and he turned to find a small man standing at the doorway of the garage. The man could be no taller than 4’8”, and was dressed in faded indigo coveralls with fine white pinstripes. A “Gas Wizard” patch sat over his left chest pocket. He wiped his greasy hands on an equally dirty rag. “I should probably look at it for you,” the man said. “Thanks,” Gerry replied, “but I just need to grab some gas and get back on the road.”

The hood of Gerry’s car popped open as the man walked over to it. Gerry stared in disbelief. “Where you headin’?” the man asked as he secured the hood and bent over the engine. Gerry gathered himself before beginning to simmer, “I’m on my way to Boston, and I’d appreciate it if you’d leave my engine alone. ” The man said, “That’s a bit of a drive from here, and this is the worst time to go. Going to hit traffic most of the way.”

“I know that,” Gerry spat, pushing the small man back and closing the hood. “That’s why I need to get going.”  The small man looked Gerry in the eyes, “What if I said I knew a way to get you to Boston that quickly and easily, now or any other time you wanted to go?” Gerry scoffed. “Throw in free parking and it sounds like a great deal.” The man replied, “Oh, you won’t have to worry about parking.” Jerry laughed and said, “If that was a deal you could actually make, I’d take it in a heartbeat. No questions asked.” “Then it’s a deal,” the man said thrusting out his hand. Gerry slapped it away, saying “Who are you?” The old man’s eyes twinkled. “Me? I’m theGas Wizard.”

Before he knew what was happening, Gerry was flying through the air, much higher than he had ever been before. The sun nearly blinded him, and he looked down to shield his eyes. Below him he saw the ground move by steadily and he realized he was gliding. After taking this in he looked down at his body, but was not prepared for what he saw. Where his body had once been, Gerry saw feathers. Where his arms had been, long wings and his legs, which had been long and lanky, were now short and ended in massive talons. Gerry had the body of a bird!

Keep an eye out in our terminals and on the buses for more Birdman!  #SayNoToWizards

On your way to Boston?  Reclaim the Hour. Ride Don’t Drive!