Helen Shares Her NYC C&J Rider Story, Plus Travel Recommendations for the City

Oct 25, 2018

When it comes to getting into New York City, few options are easier or more convenient than C&J. According to longtime rider and native New Yorker Helen Cheng, the same is true of travel from New York to Boston and the Seacoast.

Helen started taking the bus to and from New Hampshire when she was attending college in 2011 and still uses it regularly to travel to friends in the state and in Boston. Used to the packed transportation options in Brooklyn and Manhattan, she said C&J’s convenience, legroom and timeliness are huge pluses and allow her to avoid the traffic crush associated with driving in and out of NYC.

“What’s important to me is reliability, getting from Point A to Point B in the least amount of time and in the most affordable way,” Helen said. “C&J is my first choice.”

For someone traveling for both school and leisure, Helen said being able to leave and return to NYC easily via the Port Authority Bus Terminal and Portsmouth Bus Terminal, get from there to the rest of the city easily and not have to worry about her car are huge pluses.

“If you’re coming down to the city, I would not recommend driving,” Helen said, noting that the bus gets you right into the heart of New York City without fighting traffic.

Of course, if you’re using the bus to get into the city, the lifelong New Yorker has some great recommendations for what to do and where to go.

Where to go in NYC

For those eager to explore New York City, Helen has some general recommendations for new and returning visitors alike. While she said there’s plenty to do in Manhattan, she thinks it’s worth arriving there and using it as a launching pad for a larger adventure in the city.

Coney Island during the summertime tops her list, complete with attractions, rides and of course famous hot dogs. If the weather’s a little chillier but you still want to see the sites, visiting the waterfront and taking a ferry to catch a great view of the skyline and scope out which parks you would like to explore.

If all else fails, she said, just wandering the city can result in some wonderful surprises.

“Brooklyn is so big. Just wandering from neighborhood to neighborhood, you’d be in one neighborhood that celebrates a different culture and a few blocks later you’ll be in a totally different culture,” Helen said. “It’s the easy, accessible way to experience a country.”

If that sounds enticing, C&J can help you plan your next trip as well with our interactive map of attractions, restaurants, and hotels in Manhattan.

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