Important Changes to Drop-off Locations at Logan Airport

Mar 12, 2021

Logan Airport is making some changes to all bus carrier arrival locations and in order to keep things easy and simple for our valued customers, effective March 15th, 2021 – C&J will now have one central pickup and drop off location on the lower level for each terminal at Logan Airport!

Learn more below on how this will affect your next trip with C&J:

How does this affect my drop-off at Logan Airport?

C&J will now make all drop-offs on Logan’s lower level. We will still drop off at every individual terminal, all this means is that travelers will need to take the escalator upstairs to access the departure level and security gates in the airport. Directional signs will be placed outside of each terminal to assist with the changes.

How does this affect my pick-up at Logan Airport?

There are no changes to our current pickup locations, these are in the same spot and times as they always have been! Remember to look for the orange signs at Logan.

Can I get picked up when you are dropping off at Logan Airport?

All C&J buses making drop offs at Logan Airport will have “DROP OFF” on the bus sign. Because Logan Airport is not the final destination of that coach, passengers will not be able to board the bus during drop offs. All C&J northbound buses will read “Portsmouth, NH,” on the sign. These buses also stop in Seabrook, NH before proceeding to Portsmouth.

Need help finding our pickup locations? Check out our wayfinding videos to help you know exactly where you need to be.

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