Faster Wi-Fi on NYC Buses: Stay Connected on the Go!

Jun 12, 2024

Great news for all our NYC travelers! We are excited to announce that all our NYC buses now feature faster Wi-Fi, allowing you to stream, work, or stay in touch with ease throughout your journey. Stay connected on the go like never before!

Upgrade to 5G Wi-Fi for Seamless Connectivity

Understanding the importance of staying connected while traveling, we’ve upgraded all of our NYC coaches to 5G Wi-Fi. This enhancement ensures that your mobile office can stay connected along the journey, providing a seamless and efficient internet experience.

Easy and Fast Wi-Fi Connection

Connecting to our Wi-Fi is incredibly easy. When you are on the bus, simply go to your Wi-Fi settings and select the “Wicked Fast” network. And yes, it’s wicked fast! 😉 Whether you're catching up on emails, streaming your favorite shows, or staying connected with friends and family, our upgraded Wi-Fi will keep you connected without interruption.

We are committed to providing our riders with the best travel experience, and our faster Wi-Fi is just one of the ways we’re making your journey better. Hop on one of our NYC buses and experience the difference!

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