Eight Years of Traveling to NYC

Feb 28, 2019

This February marks eight years since we started offering rides to Port Authority in New York City! Wow, how time flies. Since then, C&J has only grown and improved our fleet of coaches to make the trip to New York City more comfortable, convenient, and reliable. Here are all the upgrades we’ve made since our first NYC trip back in 2011.

Service Expansion

In early 2013, C&J expanded our service offering to include trips from Tewksbury, Massachusetts to NYC. The enhancement gave travelers from the Merrimack Valley a more direct route to NYC instead of first commuting to Boston to take the bus from South Station. This was the first of several more expansions over the next five years. In 2015, C&J added seasonal NYC service from Ogunquit, Maine, so travelers could relax during the trip without worrying about driving in summertime traffic. Most recently, C&J added service between NYC and Dover, New Hampshire. Depending on your travel needs, C&J is bound to have a convenient travel option for you!

Fleet Improvements

In addition to our expanded service to NYC, we also made many updates to our coaches. Our riders now enjoy uninterrupted Wi-Fi, reclining seats with plenty of legroom, climate control, free refreshments and snacks in the onboard galley, and our customized entertainment system that allows passengers to watch their favorite movies or TV shows right from their own devices. Feel free to stretch out, cuddle up with a pillow and blanket and take a nap before your exciting day in the city!

New Trip-Planning Tools

To make your trip to New York City even better, we’ve grown our trip-planning tools to offer our riders easy access to booking a hotel room, seeing a great show, or trying a new restaurant. In March of 2018, C&J partnered with Marriott Hotels to bring our riders a 15 percent discount at participating hotels, 4 of which are in New York City! This is a great way to save money while you travel.

We also created an interactive map of NYC to use during your stay that shows our favorite spots to visit in the city. The possibilities are only limited by what you’re up for. Grab a cup of coffee from Underline Coffee and explore the charming Chelsea neighborhood or see a show at Radio City Music Hall. Our map will help you navigate the city with ease!

The Future of NYC Travel

C&J is always looking to make riding more enjoyable for our travelers, and we have many more improvements in store for the near future. We’re especially excited to roll out mobile ticketing in 2019 so our riders can purchase tickets and scan them right from their smartphones. Be on the lookout for our official announcement it’s coming soon! We also have another project in the works that will allow our riders to track their bus in real-time. We want to provide our riders with the best travel experience possible, and these two initiatives are just an example of how we’re striving to improve. More details to come!

Come see how easy a ride to New York City can be and plan your trip with C&J today!