8 Money-Saving Travel Tips

Oct 17, 2018

They say to travel is to live. We agree but planning your vacation doesn’t have to be a major blow to the wallet. There are really easy ways to score some great savings! Check our our list of 8 money-saving travel tips to consider when booking your next a trip and learn how riding with C&J can get you there.

Book One-way Flights

When you are booking your flights be sure to compare one-way pricing versus roundtrip options. Although booking roundtrip is more convenient, it may not be the best priced option. Take advantage of booking engines such as Skyscanner and Kayak that compare pricing options.

Fly Cheap Days

The cheapest days in the US to fly domestically are typically Tuesday, Wednesday, and Saturday. Traveling internationally? Flying mid-week is your most cost-effective option.

Travel Off Season

Prices for travel are much higher during holidays and school vacation weeks.  Look to book trips after New Year’s (early January), just after Spring Break (late April), or when kids go back to school (September). Traveling during off-peak times means great flight deals and less crowded destinations.

Use Public Transportation

Spending money on taxis and parking at the airport can really be costly, at around $30/day to park at Boston’s Logan Airport…yikes that can really add up! Save money by taking advantage of local airport shuttles and public transportation options like C&J to get you to your destination.

Only Use a Carry-on

Many airlines charge $50 roundtrip to check a bag, opt for using a carry-on bag instead. Most carries allow carry-on bags to travel for free. Always check your airline’s baggage policy prior to booking.

Use Hotels that Offer Free Breakfast

Eating out can really add up. A lot of hotels offer free breakfast – take advantage, fill your bellies, and save. Want to double up on the saving? C&J partners with select Marriott properties across New England and New York to offer a 15% discount to C&J riders.

Use Communication Apps

Want to stay in touch to friends and family while traveling? Take advantage of free apps such as Skype and Google Hangouts to make calls rather than using your phone service provider. Send texts and messages by tapping into Wi-Fi and taking advantage of using apps like WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger.

Take Advantage of Free Days

Many museums and attractions offer free or discounted days to attract visitors. Do your homework ahead of time and research tourist sites online before you leave. You can often save by buying admission directly from the venues websites rather than third-party providers.

Vacation Starts with C&J

Start your trip off on the right foot and still keep your budget intact by riding a C&J bus to Boston’s Logan Airport. C&J offers a range of convenient, money-saving amenities for you while you travel including free Wi-Fi, free power outlet at every seat, free parking, and refreshments. Book your trip with C&J today!