2024 Daylight Saving Schedule Information: Spring forward

Mar 06, 2024

Don't forget that this Sunday, March 10, 2024, at 2 am, our clocks will spring forward by one hour as we transition into daylight saving time! C&J is ready to meet your travel needs with our peak half hour service to and from Boston's Logan Airport.

Make your life easier by purchasing tickets online and ensuring you arrive at least 20 minutes prior to departure.

And don't let the time change catch you off guard! If you plan to catch our 2:30 am departure from Dover or the 3:00 am departing from Dover or Portsmouth, remember not to adjust your clock forward before going to bed; you'll want to remain on the current time. 

Departing Location Departure Time On Ticket Daylight Savings Departure Time (3/10) Arrival Time at Logan Airport
Dover, NH 2:30 AM 1:30 AM 4:15 AM
Dover, NH 3:00 AM 2:00 AM 4:45 AM
Portsmouth, NH 3:00 AM 2:00 AM 4:15 AM
Make sure you allow extra time to park!


While the bus will physically depart at 2 am, due to the time change, it will automatically advance to 3:00 am (a bit of time traveling, anyone?!).

Following that, all our schedules will resume as usual, even with the time change.

For more information regarding the time change, feel free to contact us