We’re Moving from Tewksbury to Andover MA

Feb 15, 2023

Our Tewksbury stop will move from the Holiday Inn in Tewksbury to the Andover Park and Ride on Dascomb Road effective Monday, February 20, 2023.

Due to upcoming construction at our location in Tewksbury, MA, it has become necessary to temporarily move our location from its original location to Andover, MA. The construction has made it unsafe for passengers to access the hotel facility in Tewksbury, which is why the decision was made to relocate it.

While this may cause some inconvenience, safety is of the utmost importance. By temporarily moving our location, passengers can still easily access our bus and get to their destination safely. Additionally, Andover is only a short distance away from Tewksbury, so the impact on travel time should be minimal.

It’s important to note that the relocation of the bus stop is a temporary solution and that it will be reassessed once the construction is completed. In the meantime, passengers should make note of the new location and adjust their travel plans accordingly.

The new address for our new Andover location is: Andover Dascomb Road Park and Ride; 145 Dascomb Rd, Andover, MA 01810.

Reservations are required for service between Portsmouth, Seabrook, Andover, and New York City. Passengers can make reservations online, here. There remains no C&J Customer Service Representative at this service stop.

Overall, the relocation of the bus stop from Tewksbury, MA to Andover, MA is a necessary step to ensure the safety of passengers during ongoing construction. We’ve always prided ourselves in being the most convenient and enjoyable way to travel to and from the city and our passengers can expect the same great service from our new Andover location. So kick back and relax while we take care of all the driving.

Have questions? Find more about this change in our FAQ’s.

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