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Score Huge Corporate Travel Savings: Choose Your Transportation Wisely

Cutting Corporate Travel Costs - Transportation

We’ve reached the final installment of our series on cutting corporate travel costs. By now you understand the importance of implementing appropriate travel policies, getting creative with lodging and dining, and planning ahead as much as possible.

Miss any of our posts? Download our free e-book “10 Ways to Cut Corporate Travel Costs” to get all our tips in one convenient place.

For the final post, we’re discussing (what else?) transportation. From choosing lesser-known brands to taking advantage of public transportation, there are a number of ways you can save on transportation costs for your business trip. Here are two of our favorites:

Skip Business Class for Domestic Flights

Ouch! But seriously, business class tickets are often double the price of economy seats. Unless you’re traveling internationally, there’s really no need to spring for business for a four hour trip. Skip the business class (at least for domestic flights) and cut your airline costs in half!

Take Advantage of Shuttles or Bus Services

While a car rental might work if there are just a few employees traveling, larger groups will require a different approach. Rather than renting multiple cars or paying for private driving services, consider transporting your large group on a shuttle or corporate bus service like the ones provided by C&J.

C&J offers a range of convenient, money-saving amenities for your employees including: free Wi-Fi, complimentary video entertainment, free parking, and refreshments.

With our business travel series and free e-book, we hope we’ve given you some actionable ideas about how your company can start cutting corporate travel costs today.

Don’t forget to download “10 Ways to Cut Corporate Travel Costs” for easy reference any time, and contact us to learn more about our options for corporate travelers.