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Cut corporate travel costs

How to Cut Corporate Travel Costs by Booking Early & Planning Ahead

Cutting Corporate Travel Costs - Plan Ahead

Business travel has never been cheap, but the last decade has brought higher corporate travel costs than ever before. The Global Business Travel Association predicts that in 2013 group travel spending will rise 5.2% from the previous year.

Still, corporate travel is an essential expense for any medium to large-sized company. Your people still need to travel to conduct business. So you’re probably wondering how to corporate travel costs without stopping the show.

We’ve been running our series on how to cut corporate travel costs for a few weeks now and we hope we’ve helped you discover ways to reduce your business travel spending.

Miss out on our posts? Download our free e-book “10 Ways to Cut Corporate Travel Costs” to get all the info (and more) in one place! For this week’s installment, we’re discussing the all important planning phase.

How to Cut Corporate Travel by Planning

If you’ve ever been to the mall on the day or two before Christmas, blindly shoving anything and everything into your basket and balking at the bill when you reach the register, then you can appreciate the importance of planning ahead.

When it comes to corporate travel, planning can save you hundreds, even thousands of dollars on airfare, hotel lodging and transportation rentals. There are dozens of ways that planning ahead can score you major savings. Here are three biggies:

Book Everything in Advance

If you’re confident that you won’t need to make any last minute changes to your itinerary, you can save hundreds of dollars per employee by booking flights and hotel rooms a few weeks ahead of time. By booking ahead and being mindful of your calendar, you’ll also avoid peak travel times when prices are inflated.

Lesser Known Brands Can Help Cut Corporate Travel Costs

If you wait until you’re at the airport or travel center to secure your ground transportation, you’ll end up paying exponentially more to rent a car or driving service. Instead, plan ahead and consider using lesser known brands. By determining ahead of time who you’ll be using for ground transportation you won’t get stuck paying high rental prices from major brands who rely on the convenience of their location and their name recognition to drive higher prices.

Use a Corporate Shuttle Such as C&J

And of course, if you’re booking transportation for a larger group we’d recommend taking a C&J corporate shuttle to NYC or Boston. Our shuttle service enhances productivity with free Wi-Fi & power outlets. Complimentary refreshments and spacious, comfortable seats will have your team arriving refreshed and relaxed, at a fraction of the cost of other transportation methods.

Want more tips about how you can reduce your corporate travel costs? Contact us to schedule a free consultation and download your free copy of our e-book below!