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Cutting Corporate Travel Costs: Set Your Business up for Success

Cutting Corporate Travel Costs

C&J bus lines has been helping business travelers get where they need to be since 1968. But we don’t just serve commuters and day-trippers. Our corporate bus shuttle services can save companies thousands of dollars a year on transportation to meetings, events, trade shows and more.

In recent years, we’ve all seen an uptick in the cost of business travel. As affordable New England bus service providers, we want to let businesses know that there are ways to save on corporate travel without sacrificing quality or forgoing trips altogether.

That’s why we’ve put together this series outlining ways businesses can cut corporate travel costs. We’ll be highlighting a few of our favorite tips in this blog post, and in future posts, but you can get all the info right now by downloading our free e-book: “10 Ways to Cut Corporate Travel Costs.”

One of the most important tips for cutting business travel costs is taking the time to set your company up for success. Here’s how:

Create (and Stick to) a Travel Policy

The first step to cutting corporate travel costs is to create a company-wide travel policy for distribution to every employee. Having defined policies in place ahead of time means everyone in your company will be on the same page about corporate spending allowances.

These corporate travel policies will help your business keep within budget, even as the travel marketplace continues to change. As a baseline, your travel policy should outline guidelines for booking flights, hotels or car rentals, and should also include information on how to itemize expenses.

Work With a Travel Coordinator

That’s right – we’re suggesting you actually pay someone to help you cut costs. We can hear your brakes squealing now, but hear us out. A travel coordinator can:

Record & Monitor Spending: Using a dedicated travel coordinator makes it easier to keep track of all corporate travel spending in one place, allowing you to identify where your travel budgets are really being spent and redistribute or prioritize as necessary.

He or she can also research and resolve any incorrect charges (which may otherwise go unnoticed), and compare invoices with receipts to ensure all claims are valid.

Use Connections to Score Great Deals: Travel coordinators often have connections that grant access to special rates that you, as a business administrator, may be missing out on.

An experienced travel coordinator will know how to negotiate group discounts on behalf of your organization, and find the most affordable flight, hotel, or transportation options without making huge sacrifices in quality.

Find these tips for getting started helpful? Stay tuned for the next installment, or better yet, download this free e-book to get all 10 tips for cutting corporate travel costs in one place.

And next time you’re planning a corporate outing or company-wide business trip, consider a C&J bus to Boston or New York to transport your team in comfort and style. Want to learn more about our corporate travel services? Contact us to schedule a free consultation and download your free copy of our e-book below!