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Reservations now required for all C&J service. Tickets must be used on the date and time of travel, learn more.


A blue graphic with text: "What's new at C&J- coffee is back, expanded schedules, new valet hours, and more!"

What’s New at C&J – Fall 2022

As a customer-centric organization, we here at C&J aren’t just concerned with getting you from point A to point B. Although we pride ourselves on efficiency and safety, we’re well aware that the quality, comfort, and ease of the trip counts just as much as how long it takes for us to get to your...  Read More

Avoid Holiday Travel Stress with Guaranteed Seating

Simply put, holiday travel can be stressful. With everyone trying to get home or to their loved ones and the chance of bad weather, things can bottleneck quickly, and you’re left wondering if you’ll make it to your destination on time. That’s why C&J’s team is committed to making your experience with us as hassle-free...  Read More
Daylight Savings

2022 Daylight Saving Schedule Information – Fall Back

On Sunday, November 6, 2022 at 2 am, our clocks will move back one hour for daylight savings as we fall into the winter season! C&J is ready to meet your travel needs with hourly service to and from Boston’s Logan Airport. Learn more about how the time change will affect our early morning schedules. Our C&J...  Read More

Bus to New York City: What to Do This Fall

With winter on its way, many of us are looking to get out for one last excursion this fall. Looking to travel in the coming weeks? Why not take a bus to New York City? C&J is here to not only get you to where you want to go, but share some exciting things to...  Read More

Get Out of The City: What and Where to Visit on the Seacoast

Looking to get out of Boston or New York City for an end-of-summer rendezvous? C&J’s buses are here to help you get to where you want to go. We may be biased, but one of our favorite places is without reservation, the New Hampshire Seacoast area. With a rich history and variety of activities for...  Read More
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Logan Airport Peak Service Expansion

Few things are worse than dealing with complicated travel plans and crowds, particularly when traveling to Logan Airport. As a customer-centric organization, we here at C&J aren’t just concerned with getting you from Point A to Point B. Although we pride ourselves on efficiency and safety, we’re well aware that the quality, comfort, and ease...  Read More
A graphic featuring a mother and daughter on a C&J bus with text: "Guaranteed seating is live! We'll save your seat"

Guaranteed Seating is Here!

Have you heard the news? C&J launched guaranteed seating on our buslines on June 28, 2022. From this moment forward, you’ll always have a reserved seat* on your bus—no more waiting in line and hoping there’s enough room. You can now book your trip in advance to ensure you get your preferred travel time. But...  Read More
C&J Commuter Reservation

C&J Commuter Reservation Information

We announced earlier that starting June 28th, C&J will operate reservation service on all our coaches. Meaning the date and time on your ticket guaranteed your seat on that coach. So, what does this change mean for our frequent riders? We’re going to explain how C&J’s ticketing enhancements and system will, and wont, affect your...  Read More
Enhanced Reservation Ticketing

Sneak Peek – C&J’s Enhanced Reservation Ticketing!

At C&J, we strive to give our riders the best possible travel experience. As you may have heard, we will be guaranteeing seating starting June 28. Along with your reserved seat comes some enhanced online ticketing capabilities and increased account functionality. But that’s not all we have in store. Here’s a sneak peek at the...  Read More
Sign up for your C&J Account

Sign Up for a C&J Account Today! 

We recently announced that we will provide guaranteed seating staring June 28, 2022. As we gear up for this change we wanted to provide our riders with some helpful tips that will help make this transition as smooth as possible.  If you have already purchased your ticket for a specific date and time after June...  Read More