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Reservations now required for all C&J service. Tickets must be used on the date and time of travel, learn more.

Daylight Savings 2020

2020 Daylight Savings Schedule Information: Spring Forward with C&J

Don’t forget that this Sunday, March 8, 2020 at 2 am, our clocks will move one hour forward as we head into spring!

C&J is ready to meet your travel needs with early morning trips to and from Logan Airport. Make life easy by purchasing tickets online and arriving 30 minutes prior to time of departure. Follow signage prompts for parking assistance in all three locations. We offer valet parking at our Portsmouth, and Newburyport terminals for only $12 during peak travel!

Time Change Schedule Information

Oh and don’t let the time change bamboozle you…if you plan to take our 1:30am departure from Dover, the 2:00am from Portsmouth, or the 2:30am from Newburyport to Logan Airport; do not change your clock forward before you go to bed, the goal is to remain on the current time.

You will want to arrive in Dover for a 12:30am departure, Portsmouth for a 1:00am departure, and Newburyport for a 1:30am departure (please make sure you give yourself extra time to park!), as the time change will occur during your travels (a bit of time traveling anyone?!). After that all our schedule times remain the same, even with the switch.

Want more information about C&J schedules? Visit us online at or contact us.